Road Trip: In Search of the Lost Barn Part Two

Back on the road we continued our search. There were a number of possibilities for the coveted northwestern barn terminus and a few who warranted inclusion because of their curbside appeal, if there were curbs in this neck of the woods.

Neither a barn, nor Leeds & Grenville. Abandoned schoolhouse in Frontenac County. Shortly after this photo we found ourselves on a stretch of road with about a mile and a half of potholes! Quite the morning commute. (Photo Courtesy Gordon Beck)

¬†One road led us to an abandoned nineteenth century cabin across from a pond that two Canada Geese called home. Wrapped in vines and greenery with a collapsed roof the house had definitely seen better days. Did I mention it was eerie also? Perfect locale for a horror movie. It didn’t help that the geese set up a cacophony of call and reply honking. Perhaps it was just a vocal protest of us disturbing their solitude. But it could have been more. Didn’t geese guard the Delphic Oracle? And don’t animals have an uncanny ability to see restless spirits?