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It’s Going To Be A Great Year!

Historically the refrain used as the title for this blog entry hasn’t been a phrase that drips off the lips of Brockvillians. It isn’t recorded in our geneological records, but I’m pretty sure there are deep Missouri roots in this community. You know, as in “The Show Me State”. A little conservative, a little restrained, a little “I’ll believe it when I see it” and a lot stand-offish. The phrases “You can’t do that in Brockville” and “You know it’s Brockville” peppered many the conversation.

But recently a slow, arduous change has begun to roll down King St. More and more individuals and groups have taken up the challenge and said, “Okay, we’ll show you!” Small successes have been won and are being used as the foundation for more. An event here, a business there, an awareness that there’s a lot to build on here and with an application of effort we can change potential into reality.

The change has been no more noticeable than at the beginning of Canada’s Sesquicentennial year. People are actually excited. When I say, “It’s going to be a great year!” there are smiles and answers with conviction, “Yes it is!” Attitudes have changed for the better and in many cases that’s the necessary first step. You have to believe that change for the better is possible. Without conviction it’s just wordplay.

So for those of you reading this in Brockville and area, or if you’re from further away and interested in what’s going on in the city, get out a notepad, you’ll need it! First a teaser. There will soon be announcements about two wonderful events taking place in May and June. It’s not my place to announce them, I just know of them, and everyone will be surprised and impressed.  Certainly not everyday events, but something a little special and perhaps “once in a lifetime”. 

The Brockville Museum launches Tea with Amy this week and have an innovative series called A Night @ The Museum that promises a chance to see the Museum from a whole new perspective. The Museum and the Brockville Young Professionals are working together on this and it makes my heart happy to see such collaboration. If you have any returning students in your household or know of any tell them to check out the Museum website as they are hiring summer students. It will be the perfect job for the right person.

The DBIA’s Street Eats Festival returns on Saturday May 27th and promises fantastic street food, a battle of the bands and a chance to stroll King St. and mingle with neighbours and visitors. Shameless self promotion, I will be there with a Brockville Culture Days spot. Stop by and say hello.

Downtown cafes and restaurants are serving tasty food and tasty licks as many are adding musical entertainment for your listening pleasure. The Aquatarium enters its second year of operation. The Brockville Arts Centre has a full program planned. The waterfront is still inviting, relaxing and beautiful. Lots of festivals planned. People are working on initiatives such as local food, culinary tourism, connectivity, and attracting millennials, just to name a few.

You know what, “It’s going to be a great year!”


Anyone in the Brockville area is welcome to come out to grab a coffee and share ideas and plans for the future at The Sleepless Monkey Cafe, 170 King St. W. (corner of Kincaid & King, north side) at 10 am on Tuesday April 11th. A constant refrain is we don’t talk to each other enough, so come on out and share. It’s never a bad thing!


Photo Credit: The talented Gordon Beck, photographer extrodinaire and Leeds & Grenville ambassador par excellente! See his Leeds & Grenville Rural Landscapes Facebook page for some a truly wonderful chronicle of the rural landscape and the interesting folks who inhabit it!