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Quite the Weekend Ahead

Time to take a break from meandering about the countryside and concentrate on matters closer to home. This coming weekend offers a multitude of outstanding events within the confines of Brockville’s city limits. One might say a wealth of exquisitries.    Friday May 26th sees Terry Mosher aka Aislin at the From Here to Infinity […]


New Road Trip: Same Lesson

I was on the road again on Sunday May 7th with photographers Gordon Beck and John A. Chambers.. This time we headed from Brockville to Chaffey’s Locks and every place in between. Nine and a half hours in total. We saw all sorts of lovely new landscapes and it was a joy, and eminently educational, […]

Road Trip: In Search of the Lost Barn Part Two

Back on the road we continued our search. There were a number of possibilities for the coveted northwestern barn terminus and a few who warranted inclusion because of their curbside appeal, if there were curbs in this neck of the woods.Neither a barn, nor Leeds & Grenville. Abandoned schoolhouse in Frontenac County. Shortly after this […]

Road Trip: In Search of the Lost Barn Part One

 The concept of the road trip is rather self explanatory, it’s all there in the name. Many credit Jack Kerouac’s classic On The Road as the catalyst for the road trip phenomena. Personally I think it goes deeper into our history, possibly back to prehistoric times when a group of Cro-Magnons decided to mosey across […]
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It’s Going To Be A Great Year!

Historically the refrain used as the title for this blog entry hasn’t been a phrase that drips off the lips of Brockvillians. It isn’t recorded in our geneological records, but I’m pretty sure there are deep Missouri roots in this community. You know, as in “The Show Me State”. A little conservative, a little restrained, […]

Now to Start!

There are palpable rhythms to life in a small town, usually attuned to the seasons. It seems like our agricultural roots never really leave us. For instance have you ever tried to organize any sort of event during the summer? In a small town? Nearly everyone is in vacation mode and you have to allow […]

The fine art of conversation

A truncated version of the blog this time (Is that a cheer I hear off in the distance?). The reason…because I’m practicing what I’m about to preach. Consider this a corollary to last week’s blog that we have to talk more.Since last week I’ve sat in on two more arts related meetings. Conversations were enlightening […]

Variations on a theme

Consider this a sort of “How I spent my winter” essay with an underlying theme. Winter’s not quite over so there could be a sequel, but it’s been a busy, and rewarding time for me.Early in the season attended the Diversity Day event sponsored by the Leeds & Grenville Immigration Partnership. May seem a bit […]

Brockville: Time Well Spent

Oscar & Frances Frances Richards was born in Brockville in 1852 into the prominent Richards clan. Her uncle William Buell Richards was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and earned a knighthood. Albert Norton Richards, her father, was Attorney General in the provisional government of the Red River settlement that was […]

Brockville-Time Well Spent

After last week’s posting of the first half of our walking tour I had a friend ask how long the tour took. Good question. The best answer is it varies, depending on those taking the tour. If there is a schedule to keep, or time is of the essence then the tour comes in at […]