Brockville Culture Days 2017 Update

The end of September may seem a long way off, after all we haven’t even started summer yet, but organizing for the 2017 Brockville Culture Days has been ongoing for quite a while now. This year is Brockville’s third Culture Days celebration and there is quite the tradition to live up to.

Last year’s event was the fifth largest in Canada for cities with a population of 50,000 or under, based on the number of participants. The figures are based on the number of participants registered on the Culture Days website and to be quite honest we only managed to convince about 60% of local participants to register. What this says is that Brockville and area has a strong, vibrant and diverse arts & culture community, that doesn’t take a back seat to any community.

This year being Canada’s Sesquicentennial we have reached out to heritage crafts practitioners and artisans to join us and bring a historical element to this year’s event. In previous years arts and crafts with a historic element have been some of the most popular amongst attendees and we hope we can add to this sector. If you know of any groups or individuals that would benefit from participating please pass along our contact information (

Perhaps the most heartening development is that the concept of Culture Days and the benefits it offers are starting to catch on. “We’re all in this together and everyone is welcome” is our mantra. For the 2017 celebration we have talked to, or been approached by, all sorts of new, interested parties. As of the writing of this blog it looks like Brockville & area Culture Days will spreading its wings and including participants from Delta, Frankville, North Augusta, Mallorytown and Lyndhurst. As the only local facilitator I’m happy to help arts, culture and heritage groups take part. We will continue to reach out to local and area groups and individuals.

The benefit…well whatever you hope to achieve. It might be finding volunteers to help your group. It could be finding new practitioners of your particular passion. Perhaps you offer classes or seminars and would like to increase your attendance. If you are new to the area or to your particular art you might want to let folks know you’re here. On a larger scale if you register on the Culture Days website ( you are featured on a platform that has 12 million impressions a year. Not too shabby! Or if you win one of the various promotions offered for early registration you may be featured in a short commercial on every Cineplex screen for a weekend (see news section).

So please consider participating. Tell any friends who may have an interest. This year’s dates are Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1st. As per usual King St. will be closed for our main venue on Saturday Sept. 1st. We are cobbling together events to cover all three days and make it a weekend long celebration, across the region. Hope to hear from you.

Russ Disotell

Brockville Culture Days Facilitator