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Bonus Blog: The Devil’s Door

It has been a while since I posted so to make up for the unscheduled hiatus I thought I would offer up a bonus blog.

Many of you follow Gordon Beck’s wonderful Facebook  page Leeds & Grenville Rural Landscapes, a chronicle of his journeys across the county in search of history, heritage, people, stories and barns. The contingent in the van varies each trip, but I have been lucky enough to be in the passenger seat from time to time. One such trip took us in search of the Devil’s Door, a local landmark in the Athens area.

Now if you understand how Facebook works you are wiser than me. This particular blog caught the fancy of readers on Facebook. The weekend after it was posted Gordon and I watched it soar to an incredible 22,000+ people reached! Why? Who knows?

I have included it here in case you aren’t following that page yet or if you missed this particular entry. Be warned there are a few ghostly images included. Honest! But they were found after the posting reached its incredible audience. Go to Leeds & Grenville Rural Landscapes to follow the whole story. A lot of hooey about ghosts? Let me just say that two of the three participants made unscheduled trips to hospital or came down with severe illnesses. I’m not going to make any wisecaracks about photographers, but your humble scribe feels fine.

Can you see the “thin man behind the cartoon dog sign? Not a reflection, we were on the road, nowhere near the building.


Finally we got to answer the burning question; where and what is the Devil’s Door.
We, refers collectively, to Gordon Beck, your photographer and Russ
Disotell, your scribe. Having decided the time had come to diversify
my search for aged barns by adding people and places to the mix I set
out to document Yonge Mills, arguably a ghost town but in fact now a

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