Welcome to the Brockville Arts Website

Brockville ArtsThe Brockville area is home to hundreds of Artists. Art of all forms is being created throughout our wonderful community. The Brockville Arts website provides a simple way for Artists and Art enthusiasts to share and discover News and Events with the community.

Consider the Brockville Arts website a blank canvas ready for your creation. Submit a glimpse of your latest work-in-progress or post the details of an upcoming Art event.

As you explore the website, you’ll notice that the intention is for News and Events to be posted directly by the community. Anyone can post and anyone can read the posts. We also have a weekly e-mail newsletter that will contain all News and Events posted during the week.

We encourage you to create a member profile so other community members can read your bio and visit your website or social media page. It’s a great way to build the community.

If you aren’t ready to post anything just yet, you can simply sign up to receive the weekly newsletter and stay in the loop.